The Shopper’s Journey Reimagined by PUMA Singapore

  • March 15 2023
  • News
The image shows a giant translucent DV-LED display presenting PUMA brand content.

Singapore – March 2023 Orchard Road, Singapore, now proudly hosts the first and largest PUMA flagship store in Southeast Asia. Esprit Digital, a specialist in display integration, joined forces with local partner PAVE. As a result of this partnership, they have revolutionized the shopper’s journey for this flagship store. The final outcome is a spectacular showcase, one that vividly highlights PUMA’s dynamic and energetic brand.

The Shopper’s Journey

Esprit Digital collaborated with Lumos Display Ltd, a DV-LED fabricator, to develop bespoke displays specifically tailored for this flagship store. Consequently, these innovative displays begin the immersive shopping experience right outside the store itself, seamlessly drawing customers into a unique retail journey.

Colette Hilton, Head of Retail at PUMA UK/IE told us: “The Singapore Flagship project was a really important one for Puma, as it is our largest and highest profile location in SEA (Southeast Asia). As part of the overall project, we decided to make digital signage an integral part of our marketing strategy, not only to communicate with customers and enhance their in-store experience, but also to attract passers-by into the store. LUMOS DV-LED displays strategically create touchpoints in areas typically known as ‘dead space’, such as pillars and escalators.

Passers-by are first drawn to a 19m x 2m translucent display, which actively promotes the brand and offers a glimpse inside. Furthermore, upon entering, customers immerse themselves in an environment. that draws them deeper into PUMA’s world.

From here, customers immediately encounter a double-sided 4m x 4m LED mesh display, which majestically overlooks the Customer Service Counters. Additionally, a 4m x 1.9m display set behind the counters, along with a 3-sided LED display pillar prominently positioned in front, work together to elevate the space.


LUMOS DV-LED displays are strategically positioned to create touchpoints, particularly in areas typically known as ‘dead space’, like pillars and escalators. As a result, Esprit Digital’s displays enliven these spots. Furthermore, they guide customers with a compelling visual story, effectively leading them to the retail counter.

James Wilder, Sales Director at Esprit Digital, explains, ‘The PUMA experience begins outside the store, it uses the massive see-through MESH display facing the street. This effect is augmented by additional displays placed above the entrance. The additional displays target passers-by across the street.”

James elaborates, “MESH display quality can vary significantly. LUMOS stands out for its control over opacity. We can adapt them to different lighting conditions. This is why we recommend them for escalator areas with their back-to-back design. They utilise the shopper’s journey to highlight brand and promotions, without obscuring visibility of merchandize or removing shoppers from the store experience.”

Esprit Digital opted for LUMOS displays due to their highly customizable features. Subsequently, PUMA joins a prestigious list of global brands such as Adidas, Armani, Harvey Nichols, Ralph Lauren, and Westfield. Notably, these brands have chosen Esprit Digital for their exceptional integration, digital signage, and ‘digital furniture’ services.

About Esprit Digital

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