Peter Livesey speaks to micro-LED, flex, MESH and other advances in dv-LED technology.

New York – October 2022, Peter Livesey co-founder and CEO of Esprit Digital addressed delegates of DPAA’s Global Summit on the future of LED screen technology. This event was part of the New York Digital Signage Week. Notably, this year’s theme was ‘Digital Fast-Forward’.

“As video and screen services continue to experience dynamic increased usage by brands and consumers and Out of Home in total is seeing dramatic growth, I look forward to this annual gathering for the advertising industry,” said Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA. “With travel increasing and restrictions being lifted we look forward to welcoming all of our members from the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa to the DPAA Global Summit.”

LED screen technology – the gift that keeps giving

Before speaking to the future of LED screen technology, Peter seized the moment to remind delegates about the benefits of electro-luminescence. This phenomenon was first discovered over a century ago at Marconi Labs. And more recently, advances in fabrication has injected new vitality into LED display technology (dv-LED). ‘It is a remarkable technology for many reasons. We take for granted LED will work 24/7, 365 days a year. In all weather conditions and in all temperatures. And they do this for 10 years!”.

Then Peter praised the latest strides in LED display performance. Specifically, advances in narrow pixel LED, referred to as micro-LED. This reduces the optimal viewing distance of LED displays. It also allows audiences to view displayed content more closely, for greater impact. Additionally, he spotlighted structural innovation in the development of flexible LED modules. In short, this breakthrough allows LED displays to contour the surface they are mounted to. Consequently turning previously unused structures, like columns, into display canvasses. All before demonstrating applications that benefit from these developments, including the use transparent displays for store fronts. Finally, he unveiled Esprit Digital’s newest venture. It’s considered the world’s largest digital kaleidoscope.

About Esprit Digital

Esprit Digital helps overcome challenges in the deployment of digital screen advertising networks and digital out of home solutions. We enable our customers to realise the communication and commercial potential of their sites.

Founded in 2002 following our development of the world’s first Digital Escalator Panel solution (DEP) for the London Underground, Esprit Digital provides consultation, design, custom production, and installation support services from its headquarters in Stevenage, UK.

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