Splashy New Westfield Mall Of Netherlands Using Big Digital Displays Inside And Out

  • May 05 2021
  • News
Digital Display product

The Westfield Mall of The Netherlands opened a few weeks ago – Holland’s biggest retail destination with over 280 stores in the vicinity of The Hague.

The development cost more than half a billion Euros, but even in a period when retail has been clobbered, the mall is more than 90% leased.

Like just about any new mall these days, there is a lot of digital.

London-based specialty display and solutions provider Esprit Digital won the deal to provide a big welcome display at the main mall entry.

Says Esprit in PR: Working together with The Hague Municipality who were concerned about the light impact on nearby residents, the 5,760 x 3,200mm display uses the new ED LUMOS 6.67mm pitch tiles with reduced angle bulbs to concentrate the field of vision at full brightness.

Inside the mall, Esprit supplied a rotating double-sided 4.8mm LED that has Ambilight side strips and a 360-degree continuous rotating mechanism.

There are also 22 internal and external double-sided 75-inch LCD display totems – using the same curvy design adopted by owner URW for its UK and EU malls.

“Digital displays are now such an integral part of the shopping experience and it is critical to URW that our malls have industry-leading screen portfolios. We have worked with Esprit Digital across all our regions since the opening of Westfield Stratford 10 years ago, and both URW and our media partner Ocean Outdoor are delighted with the outstanding products they have delivered in our flagship Mall of the Netherlands,” says Chris Lynham, URW’s Head of Media & Client Operations for UK & Europe.