There is often a misconception around digital signage displays that they are very demanding in terms of the maintenance they require to continue delivering value. This may have once been the case, but as technology has improved over the years, the effort necessary to maintain effective and efficient digital screens has reduced significantly.


However, as we all have previously experienced with our own home technology, there is always a chance that unforeseen issues with your digital display network could arise. This is where Esprit Digital’s services can help mitigate technical difficulties with our highly trained team of professional technicians. Wherever your business may be located, we can visit you to assess and resolve any problems or perform general maintenance checks to ensure your digital signs remain in a healthy state.


We want to help you with your Digital Signage

Although we are proactive in trying to prevent problems within your digital signage network, there are a few general issues that our technicians are well equipped to help you address.

These include:

  • Your screen is appearing blank or black
  • Your screen is displaying content but incorrectly
  • You are having difficulties updating your content

Generally, issues such as the above are relatively easy to fix but for those that are proving a bit more challenging our maintenance team of technicians will investigate and resolve so that you can continue business as usual.


Esprit Digital’s Maintenance offer

Esprit offers Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and Reactive Maintenance (RM). The PPMs can be decided on at the installation of the network and would cover the various electrical safety testing that may be required ongoing and the filter changes on the kit if required. The RM would start with our 24/7 365 Helpdesk. We can offer this service which constantly monitors the networks and knows if there are problems before customers do. Using a series of remote services and our IP Power units we can keep the network going remotely and on the rare occasion where an actual site visit is required, we have a team able and ready to react. We offer various SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) to our customers from a 4-hour through to a 48-hour guaranteed call out.

Our maintenance team are all IPAF certified for access and have the relevant accreditation for the installations. We also offer Maintenance for third party installed equipment. If we are asked to support other manufacturers equipment Esprit carry out a thorough evaluation prior to commencement.