Design & Build

We’ll help you explore the possibilities and opportunities that digital signage holds for your business.

Design stage

We’ll start by having a consultation meeting with you to understand your aims, challenges, and what the perfect digital signage design looks like from your point of view. Then we’ll identify whether or not your needs can be met using or adapting standard products. If not, we’ll involve our team of experts so we can bring your dreams to life.

Our experts have more than a decade of experience and have designed digital signage enclosures and kiosks for some of the country’s biggest brands.

We can work directly with you to understand your needs and challenges, or take briefs from architects and/or specifiers and liaise with them regarding the design.

We offer a range of production materials for your enclosure including metal, stainless steel, glass, Corian and/or moulded plastics. We can also provide prototyping and sampling for larger projects.

All of our digital signage enclosures are designed in the UK. We offer a warranty on all of our enclosures, standard and bespoke (the length of warranty is dependent on the design complexity/component parts selected).


The build phase

Our Manufacturing facility Houses the latest technologies which are used to build stunning piece of digital furniture that were once thought impossible and that rivals still struggle to emulate.

The manufacturing and testing facilities have the capacity to assemble and fully test all types of displays, from low volume runs to the larger, repeatable quantities required by some customers.

Advanced CAD techniques are used at every stage, including mechanical design and styling through to PCB and circuit design – models which are rigorously tested using in-house Environmental Chamber. Esprit Digital is committed to the highest Quality Standards and has attained – and continues to maintain – ISO 9001 Certification.