Raffles welcomes guests with Esprit Digital’s 2,440,000-pixel kaleidoscope

  • November 16 2022
  • News
Information image that shows the Katara Towers building, where a kaleidoscope has been created with DV-LED display technology.

Doha – November 2022 Esprit Digital and IMAR Trading & Contracting WLL teamed up to transform the atrium of Raffles Doha. Their creation, a digital kaleidoscope believed to be the world’s largest, features a custom-built LED parabola and welcomes guests to the hotel.

The project signified the debut of Accor Hotel Group’s Raffles Hotels & Resorts in Qatar. With Accor’s luxury brands, Raffles and Fairmont, establishing dual operations at the iconic Katara Towers. The project was completed in time for a soft-launch of the hotel. This allowed Raffles Doha to host FIFA’s VIP delegation for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. “


Suspended 60m high in the atrium, a 367 sqm structure proudly features a 244 sqm of parabolic LUMOS™ LED display. This innovative custom-fabricated display boasts an IP-65 rated, contoured cabinet. Inside the cabinet, semi-flexible LED modules, coated with GOB (glue on board) to offer protection. This coating helps shield the LEDs from water, dust, and impacts.

The display creates a vast 2,440,000-pixel canvas. Its imagery cascades beautifully down the mirror-clad atrium walls, creating a stunning visual effect. This reflection elegantly extends from the parabola to the archways encircling the atrium’s base.

Additionally, the kaleidoscope incorporates subframe blanking panels. These panels ingeniously mask the light from above the display. Remarkably, the “sky” light illuminating the hotel’s reception area originates from this display. The design also manages to integrate the hotel’s automated fire suppression system. While the substructure’s outer ring accommodates a railed cleaning system. A system is essential for maintaining the pristine condition of the atrium’s mirror-clad walls.”

A Shared Sky

FIFA highlighted Qatar’s World Cup as a bridge between the Arab World and the West. Katara Towers itself symbolizing Qatar’s national seal of crossed swords, stands as a beacon of Qatari hospitality. A coming together of people under a shared sky.

The project’s goal is to recreate that symbolism within the building’s interior at the Raffles Doha. At the moment guests arrive, their gaze is drawn upward, sharing a moment of awe under the same sky.

James Wilder, Sales Director at Esprit Digital said, “The parabola’s construction required a novel approach. Traditional inflexible LED modules would not work. We developed a semi-flexible LED module for this purpose. Additionally, we had to consider the fire suppression system. Our response was the LUMOS™ SKY series. It comes with 83mm radial ingress points, allowing the suppression system to operate through the display.”

In the installation process, Esprit Digital encountered a change. The main frame’s metal struts had been altered from 40mm x 40mm to 60mm x 40mm without notice. Esprit Digital quickly adapted, refabricating the sub-frame on site to address this change and keep the project’s delivery on track and on time”

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