Create an engaging customer experience with an LCD or LED digital signage solution

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  • August 31 2022
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In today’s digital world, information is instantly accessible online, whether on websites or on social media. Customers are becoming accustomed to having information at their fingertips, and are now, more than ever before, expecting to have the same level of information available to them when they are physically in a public place, whether that’s whilst attending an event or just simply purchasing a new pair of jeans. Customers no longer want to interact with a salesperson in the same way as before Covid-19, but instead, they expect the information to be presented to them in an interactive and engaging way, just as how they would see it online.

This is where digital signage works brilliantly. Formerly a fundamental tool utilised by businesses to share static updates, it has naturally evolved to offer more complicated content in terms of material and real-time updates in any type of environment or in any form, from a video wall to a 4K touchscreen. Businesses can benefit from the integration of LCD or LED digital signage solutions to assist them to raise the customer experience and producing loyalty, while at the same time increasing operational efficiencies and optimising revenue from advertising and upselling opportunities.

The main reason any business should consider digital signage is to boost customer experience ratings. It’s been proven that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. With so many people constantly on the go, it’s essential to find ways of engaging customers fast.

Here’s how digital signage can approach several types of customer interactions:

For Retail:

Digital signage is exactly what it sounds like: signs and screens you can use throughout your retail store that display digital ads, videos, traditional store signage, or any other message you want to relay to customers.

Many retailers are working to create a distinct in-store experience, combining digital and physical shopping.

Digital signage, with some awesome content, can catch attention, promote products, increase sales and even entertain customers.

For Transport:

Keeping your customers up to speed with the latest information relevant to them to make their journey and travel experience a good one – ideally so that they return – is crucial. Travelling is a matter of getting people places as fast and efficiently as possible but the whole experience should include so much more.

Digital signage is emerging as a way of enhancing that travel experience from a customer point of view, while also making the process easier for transport employees. It is even possible to shrink perceived waiting times down with the use of digital signage.

For Leisure:

Digital signage can facilitate this by informing, educating and entertaining any visitor. Technology allows the customers be more than just viewers.

Enhancing guest and visitor experiences can go a long way in contributing to repeat visits.

Simple customer interaction, through touchscreens, offers a more personal and memorable experience. They can browse attractions and receive the latest promotions and offers, whilst also having access to real-time information, such as attraction opening times and upcoming events.

There are many different applications of digital signage for public spaces in various markets, though all businesses can benefit from using this technology. By investing in these solutions, businesses can create a more informative and interactive experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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