Why you should buy an indoor LED Screen?

Indoor LED screens have great brightness and large size, making them eye-catching to any potential customer and passerby. Old conventional TVs are being replaced by stunning LED screens, not only because TVs are pretty small, but also because its poor visibility in well-lit areas.

The main goal for most business are attracting a lot of customers while staying relevant in potential customer’s mind, linking their name to the service they offer. In order to do this, business must have a quality product or service plus a strong identity, that can eclipse competitors. The best way to create a solid business presence, that can be ingrained in people’s mind, is through advertising.

Indoor LED screens can become the best tool for your advertising strategy, as they can make an impressive element inside your store. LED screens are pretty versatile and can be relocated anywhere easily. Indoor LED screens are a great inversion for advertising, promotional and decorative purposes.

Fixed Series

Our lightweight, multi-pixel pitch Fixed Series offer a high-resolution picture quality perfectly suited for viewing from shorter distances. Their huge horizontal and vertical viewing angles can easily be customised based on the size of the screen and viewing distance available.

Our pixel pitch sizes range from P0.73 to P6.

In addition to a range of pixel densities, our products are available in assorted panel sizes, various cabinet types with custom corners, and other
custom-engineered solutions to fit any application.

Flexible Series

Whether it’s for decorative installations, gaming shows, car exhibitions, or 3D effects, we can customise our Flexible series to bend, roll, fold, or be hung wherever you wish. With a fully customisable series of screens to meet the exact degree of the curve for your display installation, Esprit creates immersive visual experiences using both convex and concave panels that effortlessly blend into their surroundings. Soft PCB and flexible rubber material, coupled with its high ductility, allow us to implement one-of-a-kind curved LED display that can endure extreme compression without any distortion.

Available in pixel sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm.

Freestanding Series

Our Freestanding Series are thin, lightweight displays that are portable so the displays can be positioned in almost any location. The displays can be positioned vertically flat in either or they can be slanted vertically at an angle.


Our See-Thru series of transparent LED displays are showstopper visual solutions that allow up to 95% light to filter through and naturally illuminate the interior of your location. They offer a two-way treat for your customer’s eyes through arresting visual brand communications and clear sight of your store’s stylish design.

See-Thru displays are an immensely popular screen solution for brands implementing their solution on buildings with predominant glass architecture without diminishing their overall aesthetic.

LUX Series

Our Lux Series is the perfect solution for use in a conference room, lecture theatre, showroom, auditorium or even an at home cinema! With the design idea of simplicity and functionality, the TV display delivers superior image quality and video performance.

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