Esprit Digital presents… LUMOS

  • April 21 2022
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Esprit Digital, a world leader in digital screen integration, presents…… LUMOS

Esprit Digital are proud to announce the launch of LUMOS, their own brand of LED displays. Perfect for every application and every environment, LUMOS LEDs tick every box:  

  • Visually Stunning 
  • Robust, Easy-to-Install-and-Maintain Designs 
  • Custom Build & Off-the-Shelf Solutions 
  • Unbeatable Reliability 
  • Highly Competitive Pricing 

Esprit Digital are now owners of a well-established manufacturer in Shenzhen. All design and development of the comprehensive LUMOS range has been undertaken by Esprit’s experienced team in the UK, with installations worldwide! 

Given the company’s expertise in delivering many of the world’s most iconic digital networks over the last 20 years, customers can rely on products that guarantee the highest levels of reliability, the longest life expectancy and that are completely resistant to extreme weather conditions. 

LUMOS Installations can already be seen at:  

  • Westfield Mall of the Netherlands 
  • Dolce & Gabbana 
  • Armani 
  • Valentino 
  • Fendi 
  • Dairy Farm Singapore 
  • Chelsea Design Centre 
  • Qatar Duty-Free 
  • Adidas 

Whether you are a media, property or brand owner, an architect, consultant or integrator, should you have an upcoming need for digital signage and are considering using LED, enquire now at

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