Breathtaking new outdoor advertising kiosks deployed in Austin, Texas.

  • April 12 2022
  • News

Building outdoor screen solutions for sites in Austin is like wrapping an LCD in a ‘wet taco’, was
something being said about deploying a digital signage network into Texas, where the weather
conditions vary drastically from one extreme to the other. However, this did not deter London-based
custom-kiosk manufacturer, Esprit Digital, who worked closely with Big Outdoor to install
10 stunning, double-sided kiosks into the Domain Northside centre.

Big Outdoors’ requirements were simple: design and install full outdoor kiosks that would
complement the high-end Domain Northside property AND be able to work 24/7/365 for at least
5 years in an ever-changing climate – quite a tall order!

Every detail and every component needed to be perfect, so the solution was designed from
scratch. This included both the highest-quality metalwork and paint finish, which was specifically
selected and signed off by Domain Northside themselves.

There were also newly designed LED side strips to add a touch of real class to the overall
appearance. To ensure complete reliability of the solution over time, each unit was fitted with
Esprit Digital’s proprietary cooling and air filtration systems.

“With the launch of The Austin Digital Network, we are proud to bring large-format mixed with
street-level DOOH to the fastest growing market in the country. There is no doubt that brands
want to be seen on the highest quality street furniture and having worked with Esprit Digital
before, they were the obvious partner for Domain Northside. In our opinion, these kiosks are the
best-looking ones in the whole country and the first reactions from our clients and the public have
been universally positive.” Travis Hodges, COO, Big Outdoor.

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